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Housing & Registration

Housing Services

Finding the perfect venue for your corporate or team event has never been easier. Our Housing Services offer a range of options to suit your preferences and needs for citywide meetings and corporate events.

Diverse Housing Options: JEMS will provide a wide range of hotel accommodations to find the perfect fit for your organization citywide and large group events.
Detailed Listings: Access comprehensive details, including property features, amenities, and pricing.
User-Friendly Interface: JEMS offers a housing platform and a registration platform that our clients say is the easiest to navigate and provide an effortlessly stress-free experience.
Providing exceptional Meeting Registration Management and just-in-time feedback to best allocate resources to maximize the fulfillment of contracts.
Secure Booking: Enjoy peace of mind with our secure and reliable booking system.

Registration Services

Navigate the maze of paperwork with our Registration Services. We understand that the administrative aspects of any meeting can be overwhelming. We offer a flexible and customizable registration platform that is user-friendly, and our services ensure that you stay compliant and complete all necessary registrations hassle-free.

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