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Association & Corporate Management

JEMS offers services solely for international, national, regional/state associations.  JEMS also provides services to a diversity of corporations, in the fields of banking, manufacturing, law firms, pharmaceutical, product liability, automotive and more.  JEMS supports the business objectives of each of its clients, domestic and international.

We are a team of industry leaders whose combined expertise covering all facets of the Total Member/Customer Experience within Associations and Corporations. Our executives provide a diverse tapestry of talent gathered from a minimum of 30+ years of hands-on experience within associations and corporations.  Our core competencies include:

  • Strengthening brands
  • Managing financials and assets
  • Enhancing the members/customers experience
  • Implementing efficient operational programs, meetings and web-seminars
  • Designing exceptional meeting campaigns to attract both the member and new potential members
  • Improving marketing campaigns, website development and social media campaigns to attract new members and market the association.


Services include membership recruitment and retention, employee engagement and satisfaction, board and committee support, financial management and oversight, website management and ongoing social media campaigns,  graphic design, data management, meeting planning including onsite meeting management services.

The Team

The JEMS team includes our Founder/CEO, Executive Vice President/COO,  Membership Manager, Meeting and Convention Managers, Corporate and Educational Support Manager, Chief Financial Officer (CFA) and Staff Accountant and access to experienced Information Technology Support and Development, Web Designers/ Developers and Graphic Designer.

JEMS will designate an Executive Team Member, to solely work as the Point of Contact.  Your members, employees will know us as part of the organization’s staff, not JEMS.

Our goal is to partner with associations and corporations and lead them to a successful future. The partnership is based on membership recruitment, employee participation, and satisfaction and retention and engagement. We specialize in looking for opportunities to improve member benefits and services. JEMS stresses excellence in meeting planning, financial services, program development/marketing and enabling the appropriate technologies. JEMS is unique in that we are not distracted and offer personalized, concierge-level services for both associations and corporations.