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Pivoting To Virtual Meetings?

Most organizations are moving from and/or unable to hold face-to-face meetings and conferences. Hosting virtual meetings appears to be the simple answer. Think of it – reduced cost, increased attendance, and the ability to maintain responsible social distancing.

Successful virtual sessions require just as much planning and behind-the-scenes logistics as their in-person counterparts. Virtual conferences are conferences. They foster real-time social interaction among participants.

At JEMS Hospitality Group, our virtual technology platform, managed by our in-house producers, can help you create dynamic multimedia conferences that will ensure your audience is engaged throughout their time online.

Let us help you eliminate the guesswork in executing a productive and stimulating online event.

All it takes is ONE CALL. Learn how it all works in the video below.

We also are experts at site selection and sourcing due to our strong, long term relationships with top hotel brands and independent hotels. We have personal relationships with the hotels that count. Our mission is to help guide our clients for the best results with positive outcomes for all.

JEMS provides site inspection consulting and onsite visits as requested to further understand the venue capabilities to best match your organizations’ mission for your specific event or series of events/meetings.

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